iPhone 5 Unable to Join Network

This morning my iPhone 5 was unable to join my home WiFi network. My home computer, iPad 2 and my old iPhone 4 (now my wife’s “iPod Touch”) worked fine. I tried the normal troubleshooting on the iPhone. I rebooted, forgot the network, reset network settings, and still no connection. Then I decided to log into the router. I could not. A simple reboot of my home router, a Linksys E1000 fixed the issue.

The first step in troubleshooting “Unable to Join Network” – reboot the router.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Unable to Join Network

  1. Came home from the Apple store with a brand new iphone 5 which worked fine on their network. I tried to go on my network at home with the right password and it came up unable to join network. I went in to setting the and reset network settings works now

  2. Thanks for the quick easy fix. My wife came to me because she couldn’t connect to our wifi. After reading your post, I rebooted her phone, and guess what. That’s all I needed to do. Sometimes we forget about the little fixes.

    • Sheila – is it just one router, or all routers? What router is this,and what is the security type? I have not experienced this issue since January. I might be able to help.

  3. I just got the 5S and I cannot connect with my ASUS router. My other iPhone 5, my iPads, my mac air all connect just fine, but this new one will not connect. I have no idea what to do now.

  4. Two fixes I have seen besides rebooting the router are – 1) “reset network settings” while in airplane mode. 2) Try a static ip address. I do not recommend either. For the Asus router issue I would like to know if the 5S can connect to other WiFi’s – also if the Asus is dual band, does it fail to connect to the 5G band. Have you tried changing the password. A big issue with IOS and WiFi networks, the connection needs to be forgotten if a router’s password is changed. Lastly, if it does not connect on numerous WiFi’s – bring it back.

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