Copy and Paste – Backup your iPhone Photos and Videos

November 9, 2013 | By Mike Nencetti | Filed in: iPhone.

iPhone camera tip. Copy and paste your pictures and videos a few times each year.

This is a super simple but easy to forget tip. iCloud Photostream is a great way to back up photos, but it does not backup videos. Videos are best transferred off of the iPhone using the USB cable. This tip creates a backup of all pictures and videos that are currently on your iPhone.

Close iTunes.
Plug your iPhone into your laptop or desktop using your iPhone’s USB cable. If iTunes launches, close it.
On the iPhone, answer Trust to Trust This Computer.







Open up Internal Storage.

Internal Storage




Right click on the folder called DCIM, select copy.




Navigate to a folder, or your backup storage media, right click and paste the folder. 

That is it. The procedure is the same as backing up a digital camera’s storage.
I copy the DCIM folder to multiple locations. Drives fail. Storage is cheap.

You can also open up the DCIM folder and copy individual photos or videos, using the iPhone like a USB drive.



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